Welcome to FLOURISH. This site has been paying flourishers since 2012 and it is still paying; though the company started in 2009.

It remains the best investment platform in Nigeria.  If you are looking for a stable way to make money online or grow your wealth, you should become a flourisher.

There are three investment vehicles on the site; namely: Regular, Auto Pilot and Peer to Peer. These are explained below.


This follows the traditional network marketing model where you are to refer people in other to earn. Detailed explanation is provided here. Flourishers in Regular can also obtain loans.

Auto Pilot

This is designed for busy professionals especially those who wish to grow their money but do not have the time. Auto pilot pays 100% profit. If you participate with N50,000 you will cash out with N100,000.

How it works is that you are to purchase a package under the auto pilot. A queue number will be assigned to you. This number counts down to zero. Your credit balance will automatically be updated with your earnings immediately your queue number gets to zero. You can proceed to withdraw it to your bank account by clicking on the Make Withdrawal button.

In the Auto Pilot, you deal directly with the company in the sense that you pay to the company to participate and the company pays you when you make withdrawals. Read More…

Peer to Peer

This combines a bit of the Regular and the Auto Pilot. In Peer to Peer, you are to enter how much you want to ph. the system will first match you with other flourishers whom you are to make donations (ph) to. After they have all confirmed your payment, the system will match other flourishers to you who are to donate (gh) both your capital and profit to you.

In Peer to Peer, you will have to interact with other flourishers unlike in Auto Pilot.