FLOURISH is an online  platform that can make money for you while you sleep. It exists in two categories namely: Regular FLOURISH Packages and FLOURISH Auto Pilot Packages.

The main benefit you will enjoy as a flourisher is that you will have a steady source of income.  At FLOURISH every Monday is a pay day.

You can make money by participating in any package under any category. However, for easier understanding, both categories are compared and contrasted as presented below:

Parameters FLOURISH Auto Pilot Packages Regular FLOURISH Packages
Definition The FLOURISH Auto Pilot Packages is an online network marketing platform where downliners are automatically placed under you such that you will start earning without the burden of introducing anyone. The Regular FLOURISH Packages is an online network marketing platform where you are to introduce two persons and stand to earn an income every Monday.
Packages (Plans) The packages under Auto Pilot include: FLOURISH Soother, FLOURISH Leap, FLOURISH BigFish and FLOURISH LionShare The Regular FLOURISH Packages include: FLOURISH Seba, FLOURISH Premium, FLOURISH Deluxe and FLOURISH Gold
Assurance of Earning Your earnings is guaranteed in FLOURISH Auto Pilot packages. Your earning depends on your assigned downliner.
Earning  Frequency Each account earns only once. Each account can earn unlimited number of times.
Registration fees The registration fee varies according to the packages as shown below:

FLOURISH Soother___________N500

FLOURISH Leap______________N2,000

FLOURISH BigFish____________N10,000

FLOURISH LionShare__________N50,000

The registration fee varies according to the packages as shown below:

FLOURISH Seba______________N600

FLOURISH Premium__________N2,200

FLOURISH Deluxe____________N11,000

FLOURISH Gold______________N55,000



The earnings (cash out) also depends on the  packages as shown below:

FLOURISH Soother___________N2,500

FLOURISH Leap______________N6,000

FLOURISH BigFish____________N20,000

FLOURISH LionShare__________N100,000

The earnings are a continuous sequence. The earning  per transaction is:

FLOURISH Seba______________N500

FLOURISH Premium__________N2,000

FLOURISH Deluxe____________N10,000

FLOURISH Gold______________N50,000

Account  Termination An account under Auto Pilot Packages closes immediately you cash out. An account lasts forever with the possibility of infinite earnings.
 Loan Eligibility  Auto Pilot accounts are not considered in loan approvals.  Qualifies you to obtain loan.
 Free Accounts  There are no free accounts under the Auto Pilot program.  You can create unlimited number of free accounts.