FLOURISH Auto Pilot Earning

Yes, it is now possible to simply participate in some FLOURISH packages and start earning right away without selling anything or introducing anyone.

The FLOURISH Auto Pilot is the solution that makes it possible for you to participate and earn a given sum from FLOURISH without the burden of looking for downliners.

It works in 3 steps, that is;

  1. Register
  2. Wait and
  3. Cash out (earn)

The FLOURISH Auto Pilot can be visualized to be a revolving machine where you enter at one point with a given amount and exit at another point with a fat profit. 100% is the minimum profit margin you will receive across FLOURISH package under the Auto Pilot Program. It works on the ‘first come, first serve principle’.

When compared to the regular FLOURISH packages, FLOURISH Auto Pilot can be said to be a network marketing platform where downliners are automatically placed under you such that you will start earning without the burden of introducing any downliner (person).

The table below shows the different entry fees (registration fees) and cash out profits across the different packages under FLOURISH Auto Pilot.

FLOURISH Package Registration Fee Cash Out Profits
FLOURISH Soother N500 N2,500
FLOURISH Leap N2,000 N6,000
FLOURISH Spring N5,000 10,000
FLOURISH BigFish N10,000 N20,000
FLOURISH Travis N20,000 N40,000
FLOURISH LionShare N50,000 N100,000
FLOURISH Orb N100,000 N200,000
FLOURISH LionKing N200,000 N400,000

As can be seen from the above table, you will earn 100% of your registration fee into FLOURISH BigFish and FLOURISH LionShare. If you participate in FLOURISH Leap, then you will receive 200% while FLOURISH Soother pays you 400%.

The time duration between the entry point and cash out point can be a week or two or more. It actually depends on fresh registrations by other persons. The revolving machine turns faster as more people participate.

If you register for example, in FLOURISH Soother, you will automatically be queued up and assigned a line number as you wait your turn. The persons who registered before you needs to cash out first before you. When it gets to your turn you will also cash out.

The line number that will be assigned to you reduces as the persons before you cashes out. If for example, a line number of 9 is assigned to you when you registered, it means that 9 persons need to cash out before you. As they cash out, this number will be reducing until it gets to zero.

Your FLOURISH account under the Auto Pilot closes immediately you cash out and you can participate again if you so desire. Actually, you can have more than one account at the same time.

Your earnings is guaranteed in FLOURISH Auto Pilot packages. No referrals needed and you can begin with any package.



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