What is FLOURISH Loans?

As humans there are time we may temporary experience a cash drought. In such a situation, an upfront payment or a loan can really be helpful.

FLOURISH Loans provides this solution by giving flourishers an upfront payment of future earnings without collaterals.

Did you say without collateral?

Yes. You do not need any collateral in other to access FLOURISH Loans.


Is FLOURISH a bank?

No. FLOURISH is principally an online network marketing platform where you are to introduce two persons and you stand to earn an income every Monday.

In most cases you don’t really have to introduce anyone and still be earning from FLOURISH. Learn More

Depending on your country of residence, your earnings in FLOURISH may be remitted to you through a local bank or a payment processing company.

So why do you give loans?

FLOURISH Loans is meant to provide immediate financial assistance to flourishers who may be experiencing temporary a cash crunch.

Is FLOURISH Loans exclusive to only flourishers?

Yes. Only flourishers can obtain FLOURISH Loans.

That means that if am not a flourisher but have some collateral I will still not be able to access FLOURISH Loans?

As stated earlier, only flourishers can obtain FLOURISH Loans.

What does it takes to obtain a loan as a flourisher?

You are to Sign Up, participate n a FLOURISH package and have at least 3 FLOURISH Earning Channels before you can obtain a loan.

I have signed up; could you explain further how one can participate in a FLOURISH package?

FLOURISH exists in different units called packages. All the packages work in the same manner, however; the currency, cost of registration and the flourisher earnings per transaction varies.

There are four packages under NAIRA FLOURISH, namely: FLOURISH Seba, FLOURISH Premium, FLOURISH Deluxe and FLOURISH Gold.

Participating in a FLOURISH package simply means registering into any of the FLOURISH packages. FLOURISH Seba has the least cost of registration of N600.

Do I need to participate into any particular FLOURISH package in other to obtain loan?

You are required to participate in a FLOURISH package. It does not matter which one.

So I can register with FLOURISH Seba with N600 and still qualify to obtain loan?


Okay; lastly, what are Earning Channels?

For you to understand Earning Channels you need to understand what Slots are.

What are Slots?

For you to understand Slots you need to understand FLOURISH works.

I understand FLOURISH works, what are Slots?

Whenever you earn in FLOURISH a Slot Window is created for that your FLOURISH registration number that have just earned. This Slot Window has validity duration of 24 hours after which it expires.

The importance of the Slot Window is that it has the potential of multiplying your every Monday earnings by getting you free FLOURISH registrations.


If you should earn again from that particular FLOURISH registration number before the Slot Window expires, then a new FLOURISH registration number will be generated for you free of charge.

This free FLOURISH (account) registration number is what is known as a Slot.

So, how does Slots relate to Earning Channels?

You can convert your Slot to Earning Channel by introducing two persons under it thereby creating another source of FLOURISH income beside your other FLOURISH account.

That means I can have several FLOURISH accounts at the same time?

Yes and you can access all of them once you login. All your earnings from all your different FLOURISH accounts are paid to the same bank account.

Okay; I understand. So I can access FLOURISH Loans once I have the Earning Channels?

Yes, you can now obtain loans without collateral. Simply login and click on the Request-A-Loan button to type the amount of loan you want. Once approved, the requested amount will be paid into your bank account.


Can I request and obtain loan on a Sunday?

Yes; FLOURISH never sleeps.