Getting Started



The first step to getting started is for you to sign up. There is a 3-step verification process you will pass through before you can be eligible to participate in FLOURISH namely:

  1. Email address verification
  2. Phone number verification and
  3. Bank account number verification

This verification is necessary in other to properly identify everyone and ensures that email notifications and text message alerts meant for a particular individual are received by that individual. In like manner, the bank account number verification completely eliminates the possibility of anyone not receiving his/her due earnings and loans as a result of wrong or invalid bank account number.

How to verify your email address

On completing the Sign Up form and clicking the submit button, a web link is sent to your email address. You are required to visit your email inbox and click on this link in other to verify your email address.

Once verified, your email address becomes your username. You can then sign in using this username and the password you chose when you completed the sign up form.

How to verify your phone number

When you sign in for the first time, you will be prompted to update your profile. This is where you are to provide your phone number, bank account number, next of kin details and other necessary information. The profile update button is found on the dropdown display tab on the right hand where you also have the logout button.

On clicking the submit button to update your profile, a text message alert is sent to the provided phone number with a 7-digit code and you will be led to a page where you will input this 7-digit code.

How to verify your bank account number

Your bank account number is to be submitted along with your phone number.  Thereafter your bank will be contacted to confirm that your bank account number corresponds with your name.










On successful confirmation, you will receive a message informing you that you may now proceed with your FLOURISH registration. Otherwise, you will receive a message informing you on the next action to take.

The bank account number verification takes between a few minutes to a few hours. Click here to sign up