Getting Started



The first step to getting started is for you to sign up. Thereafter you are to do your profile update. This is where you will add your bank account and phone number.


To do this, click on your name when you are logged in and it will take you to the profile update page.


When doing your phone verification, a code will be sent to you and you are required to type in this code in other to submit your phone number to the system. If you did not receive this code you can try again or try after sometime or use a different phone number that you own. This phone number you are adding is where all your SMS alert will be sent to.

Also, if you are on Peer to Peer, your phone number will also be made available to the people that will make payments to you. Other than this, your phone number is not being shared with anyone else. It is advisable that you use a phone number that is always on.


Your bank account verification is not done automatically; however, it is done within 24 hours.  This is because, it requires a human interaction which ensures that your name on FLOURISH corresponds with the name of the account at the bank. It is therefore, your responsibility to ensure that only accurate information is provided when signing up or performing the profile update.














Haven’t signed up?  Click here to sign up

Once you have completed your phone verification and your bank details are verified, you can proceed to participate in any FLOURISH category be it Regular, Auto Pilot or Peer to Peer. Please note that you can participate in all at the same time.

If you need further guidance, feel free to call us anytime. 0909 428 4338