How To Process Your FLOURISH registration

On completing the verification process, you may proceed to participate in a FLOURISH package. To pay for your FLOURISH registration, you need to have adequate funds in your credit balance either by purchasing new credit balance or using your existing FLOURISH earnings.


To Process Your FLOURISH registration into any FLOURISH package, simply log into your Dashboard and click on the REGISTER tab. It will give you options where to select the FLOURISH package you wish to participate in.


You have two options: either to register yourself or to register someone else. If you’d like to register yourself, select REGISTER YOURSELF. You will be taken to a new page where you will type in your sponsor’s registration number. Your sponsor is the person under whom you will be placed as a downliner. Click on the VERIFY button to confirm the name of your intending sponsor and if there are no discrepancies, proceed and click on the REGISTER button to complete your registration. The cost of the registration will be deducted from your credit balance.


In the case of processing FLOURISH registration for someone else from your own Dashboard select REGISTER Someone. The rest of the process is the same; the only difference is that you will have to specify the person you intend to process his/her FLOURISH registration by providing the email address with which he or she uses in accessing his/her FLOURISH Dashboard. Kindly note this feature will not work if the person you intend to register has not yet signed up on or if his/her bank account and phone number is yet to be verified.