Slots and Channels

Slots and Channels are the secrets of earning big as a flourisher. As the number of your slots and channels increases so does your earning. The best part is that slots are free; you do not acquire it by spending money rather you accumulate it by earning money.

You joined FLOURISH because you needed another source of a steady income. Taking advantage of slots and channels guarantees that.


Slots are free FLOURISH accounts which are automatically created for you whenever you earn twice from any of your existing FLOURISH accounts within a time interface of 24 hours. You can convert slots to channels by putting two persons under it. A channel becomes another source of income for you.

With your N600 registration fee into FLOURISH Seba, you can generate a steady income by converting your slots into channels. Assuming you have only 10 channels in FLOURISH Seba and each of them earns N500 every day , that will give N5,000 every day.

If you double it and increase your channels to 20, then you will be getting N10,000 every day.

Lets now get ambitious and increase the channels to 100, that would mean a possible income of N50,000 every day. You can live a very comfortable life with this income but you can go further; there is no limit. Just imagine how much you will be getting every week when your channels grow up to 1,000.


The best part remains the fact that you do not spend money to acquire channels. Also, as the number of your channels increases, the bigger the amount of loan that can be approved for you.


Note that your existing channels can create new slots which can be converted to new channels thereby multiplying your net worth. Being a flourisher is really exciting.